Copywriting Books

Marketers and business managers can pick up some real gems by studying the techniques of copywriters. Whether you are writing material yourself, or just managing a professional, it pays to keep informed. These classic copywriting books provide everything you need to know to keep your campaigns on track and ahead of the pack:

cover of book 'The Online Copywriter's Handbook'The Online Copywriter's Handbook

Everything You Need to Know to Write Electronic Copy That Sells

By Robert W. Bly

The Web has developed its own set of rules and attitudes for writing hard-hitting marketing copy. Robert Bly's The Online Copywriter's Handbook is the first practical and authoritative guide to what exactly those rules are and how they differ from writing for print audiences. From novices just taking their first copywriting steps to veterans looking to add impact and results to their online efforts, it covers everything from general fundamentals of writing effective copy to specific Web copywriting tips and traps.

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cover of book 'Net Words: Creating High-impact Online Copy'Net Words
Creating High-impact Online Copy

By Nick Usborne

This text shows ecommerce professionals how to harness the power of the written word to differentiate their businesses, build closer relationships with their customers and close more sales. It demonstrates how to build a site that is founded on the persuasive power of words. It changes how words are organized as well as how they are written. It affects design, site architecture, and usability - which are essential elements to success in ecommerce.

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cover of book 'The Elements of Copywriting'The Elements of Copywriting
The Essential Guide to Creating Copy That Gets the Results You Want

By Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly

Offers a thorough grounding in copywriting principles before looking at copywriting tasks in print advertising, direct mail, brochures, catalogues, press releases and press kits, AV promotions, the Web and other formats.

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cover of book 'The Copywriter's Handbook'The Copywriter's Handbook
A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells

By Robert W. Bly

Shows how to write effective advertising copy, looks at print ads, direct mail, brochures, catalogs, commercials, and public relations material, and offers advice on freelance and ad agency work.

"I don't know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book. And that includes me." - David Ogilvy

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cover of book 'Herschell Gordon Lewis on the Art of Writing Copy'Herschell Gordon Lewis on the Art of Writing Copy

By Herschell Gordon Lewis

This guide to copy-writing presents and explains simple, time-tested rules that cover two main areas: general writing rules for how to motivate readers and adapt copy for the Internet; and specific rules for direct mail letters, television, card decks, and fund raising, for example. This text also provides a "short course" in grammar and usage, and illustrations of actual advertisements to aid the reader.

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cover of book 'Catalog Copy That Sizzles'Catalog Copy That Sizzles
All the Hints, Tips and Tricks of the Trade You'll Ever Need to Write Copy That Sells

By Herschell Gordon Lewis

Packed with valuable tips and informative examples and illustrations. Copywriting guru Herschell Gordon Lewis reveals all the hints, tips, and tricks of the trade you'll ever need to know in order to write effective catalog copy for any kind of product - from gardening tools to surveillance devices. Herschell clearly defines and presents examples of the fourteen types of catalog copy, including "Minimalist" copy, "All the Facts" copy, and "I Am the Greatest" copy. Whether you're a copywriter, a freelance writer, an advertising and marketing professional, or someone who simply wants to craft copy that sells for a print or on-line catalogue, this book will arm you with the tools you need to craft copy that will sell any product, to any demographic, and in any format.

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