Website Design Books

Whether you are considering building sites yourself, or just want to better understand the underlying technologies and what they are capable of, these books outline the current best practices in Web design:

cover of book 'Designing with Web Standards'Designing with Web Standards

By Jeffrey Zeldman

Web visionary Jeffrey Zeldman presents what many see as the standard text on building sites using Web standards. By designing with Web standards, site builders can future-proof their sites, building in confidence that they can be used in all standards-compliant clients, from new browsers to PDAs.

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cover of book 'The Zen of CSS Design'The Zen of CSS Design
Visual Enlightenment for the Web

By Dave Shea & Molly E. Holzschlag

Dave Shea, a member of the Web Standards Project, was the originator of the CSS Zen Garden concept. This landmark project showcases the creative and design possibilities of CSS. This accompanying book profiles the evolution of the project as well as providing tutorials on Web design best practices and techniques.

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cover of book 'Defensive Design for the Web'Defensive Design for the Web:
How to Improve Error Messages, Help, Forms, and Other Online Crisis Points

By 37Signals, Matthew Linderman, Jason Fried

Usability consultants 37signals present this invaluable guide on how to save sales and inprove the user experience on your ecommerce web site. The ten chapters include an introduction to defensive design, creating bulletproof forms, and a contingency design test to evaluate how your site rates. A must-have book for all e-commerce web designers and managers.

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cover of book 'Meyer on CSS'Meyer on CSS

By Eric Meyer

CSS guru Eric Meyer presents this practical guide to CSS including easy-to-follow projects that go beyond the basics to present solutions to design problems on Web pages. Eric has a blog site at and a companion site to this book can be found at

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cover of book 'More Meyer on CSS'More Meyer on CSS

By Eric Meyer

Building on the success of "Eric Meyer on CSS", this book allows the reader to sit with Meyer to not only understand how to write the CSS code, but also why the code works. Through ten all new projects, Meyer continues to instruct CSS devotees on how to make CSS work to solve their design challenges. Projects include converting an existing page to use CSS-P instead of tables, and styling a variety of different types of pages.

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