Online Marketing Books

Search engine marketing is fundamentally no different to traditional marketing disciplines ... but the environment and technology may be a barrier for traditional marketers. Break that barrier by understanding how online marketing and advertising works. These books provide a solid grounding for the beginner and intermediate online marketer:

cover of book 'Winning Results with Google AdWords'Winning Results with Google AdWords

By Andrew Goodman

Professional search engine marketer Andrew Goodman from Page Zero Media shares some tips and experience on how to maximise your results from Google's Pay-Per-Click advertising service AdWords. Includes a history of how the system evolved within Google, and priceless tips on how to write your AdWords adverts and track the results.

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cover of e-book '50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Web Site'50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Web Site

By Steve Johnston

Steve Johnston is one of the UK's leading Google experts. He offers a Google consultancy and Internet strategy service at This 56 page eBook documents Steve's approach to Google optimisation and distils his extensive experience into a checklist of items (more than 50, by the way) across three key areas: visibility, content and reputation. Easy to read, it is a useful tool for business owners and marketing managers seeking to understand this 'search engine optimisation' thing; it is equally valuable for Web designers and developers, and even for Web marketers and SEOs. The Black Eyed Peas once asked 'where is the love'? Well its right here, right now (you can download and begin reading this eBook in minutes) and in sharing the love this book will help site owners, managers and marketers to all enjoy a longer lasting and more satisfying experience with Google.

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cover of book 'Search Engine Optimization for Dummies'Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

By P. Kent

The 'Dummies' series of books provide easy to follow introductions to even the most complex of subjects. Here they cover all aspects of SEO (search engine optimisation) including creating search engine-friendly sites and pages; registering sites with standard search engines, directories, shopping directories, and retailers; using registration software and services; understanding tools used to monitor site traffic; advertising on search engines; and developing links to boost ranks. As the sadly now defunct Internet Works magazine puts it, this book is: "money well spent if you’re serious about boosting your web potential...".

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cover of book 'Building Your Business With Google For Dummies'Building Your Business With Google For Dummies

By Brad Hill

This beginner's guide - written in the inimitable 'Dummies' style - to Google's advertising programmes really does offer help to the small business looking to fasttrack into Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Features include guides to selecting the best keywords and writing successful AdWords copy. Written in co-operation with Google, it also includes chapters on how to make money from your sites using Google AdSense.

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cover of book 'Internet Marketing For Dummies'Internet Marketing For Dummies

By Frank Catalano and Bud Smith

This update to the 'Marketing Online for Dummies' title includes all the key chapters from the previous book along with new material on online advertising. The authors have practical experience of the fast-evolving sector of Internet advertising, and advise on cost effective campaigns. Also includes a quick-start guide to getting Web savvy.

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cover of book 'Search Engine Advertising'Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales

By Catherine Sedo

Discover how to effectively buy a top position on major search engines, avoid common pitfalls such as poor-performing ad copy, and evaluate and correct low visitor-to-buyer conversions. This easy to read introduction teaches novices how to immediately market their web sites in search engines as well as offering tips for more advanced marketers to evaluate and improve their current results.

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cover of book 'Marketing Through Search Optimization'Marketing Through Search Optimization: How to be Found on the Web

By Alex Michael and Ben Salter

An entry level overview of search engine optimisation, guiding readers through proven techniques for achieving and measuring success, along with a review of the most important search engines and directories. Throughout the book there are numerous real case studies and tips to help the marketer build a world class web presence.

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